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      This program is for adults and newly graduates that would like the chance to change their working environment and to go work abroad. We offer different positions in different fields working abroad in Canada. Canada is always looking for people with a certain skill set to help improve their country and also their tourism. So, if you feel like a change then contact us so we can make your dreams come true.


     The objective of this program is to give adults and students who just graduated a chance to work in a foreign country abroad like Canada. The available fields that we have in Canada at present is: Hotel industry and a Seafood company.​


     The duration of the contract for this program is 4 years but the companies in Canada will give a visa for 2 years at a time.

Eligibility to join the program

     We have job opportunities for skilled and unskilled candidates. Unskilled candidates don’t need any exact qualifications in the field that they apply for. Skilled workers need to have a degree in the same field that they apply for and minimum 6 years’ experience in the same field. Of course, candidates with a degree that is ranked higher than a bachelors degree will receive a higher salary and a better position.​

Benefits of program

     Benefits of this program is that this program allows you to experience Canada and also gives you a chance to start a new life while working and earning money abroad.

Visa procedure and required documents

     Our agency will provide an application form that the candidate has to fill in and then send it back to with the candidates’ CV and a copy of their international passport which we will send to the company in Canada and pay 20,000 Baht up front. If the candidate’s application is successful, we will get back to them with their job offer letter. Once the job offer letter is obtained the candidate has to pay 25,000 Baht for this program. Once we have received their fee, we will then proceed with their VISA processing starting from CAQ, LMIA, Immigration Clearance and Temporary Work Permit. After we have obtained the mentioned documents the candidate has to pay 155,000 Baht, we will proceed to get their VISA stamped in their country residence. After everything is processed and, on the day, you depart to Canada you have to pay the last 25,000 baht at the airport.


     Once they have received their Job Offer Letter their visa is secured and 100% guaranteed. If the candidate doesn’t get accepted, we will give them 10,000 Baht back from the 20,000 Baht. CAQ means Certificate Acceptance of Quebec and LMIA means Labour Market Impact Assessment these are the first two documents to obtain after we receive their fee. Free air ticket is provided by the Employer, if you agree with us then you can proceed to send us your candidates CVs and a copy of their international passport for further processing.


     Candidates who are staying abroad in their home countries can apply by providing all documents together with a completed application form and send it to us via email together with proof of payment made at Western Union. You can ask us by email for the Western Union account details.


     The overall total for this program is 200,000baht that includes the 10,000baht for registration. You have to pay an additional $800 when the agency from Canada fetches you at the airport in Thailand.

Job opportunities

     As you know there are two different fields that are hiring candidates right now. Here is the list of available job in each industry:

Hotel Industry vacancies:

Skilled workers: Must have at least 6 years’ experience in the same field.

General Manager


Director of Hotel operations

Director of Maintenance

Director of Sales

Director of Marketing

Executive Chef

Director of Food services

Banquet Manager

Catering Manager


Human Resources Manager

Chief Financial Officer

Chief Information Officer

IT Manager

Unskilled Workers: (No experience required.)

20 Waiters needed

15 Waitresses needed

17 staff for Room service needed

6 staff for Food and Beverage needed

10 Porters needed.

Seafood Company Vacancies

Unskilled workers: No experience needed.

Fish packing

Fish cleaners



Drivers (need a licence)

Truck drivers (need a truck licence)


Security drivers (need a licence)



Bakery helpers


     All candidates will undergo 1-month training in their chosen fields. Starting immediately after their arrival in Canada.

Terms and Conditions

Accommodation – Provided

Airplane Ticket – Provided

Medical – Provided

Transportation – Provided

Working hours – 8 a.m.- 4p.m (Mon-Sat)

Vacation – 28.5 Days every Year

Salary – $27 CAD per hour for unskilled. $39 per hour CAD for skilled workers.

Contract – 2 years at first

Extra time – $18 per hour CAD

Insurance & Pension – According to laws.

Other Benefits – Family status, group benefit and other fringe benefits.


Application form

     Please download the application form and fill it up then scan and upload it back to us or sent it via email :

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